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DLMS User Association: The goal is reached

DLMS User Association: The goal is reached

In February 2002 the long awaited breakthrough took place: IEC released the International Standards IEC 62056-42, -46, -53, -61 and –62, which define the channel and the data part of the DLMS/COSEM meter data exchange.

The DLMS User Association updated the Blue Book (edition 5) and the Green Book (edition 3). Their content is now equivalent to the standards. The Blue Book mirrors IEC 62056-61 and -62, while IEC 62056-42, -46, -53 and the DLMS-part of IEC 62056-21 can be found in the Green Book.

The conformance test tool CTT, which contributes to interoperability and will bring system integration and maintenance costs down, was released during a Working Group meeting in April 2002, and the Working Group will change its name to ‘Maintenance’. The DLMS User Association is now able to publish lists with conformant products and to fulfil Art. 2 of the statutes: “ …defining criteria to apply for a Protocol conformance label. The owner of the label shall be the Association …”.

The CTT is now a commercial product and available through EuroDCS, a Goerlitz (Germany) company, which will also maintain the tool. The DLMS User Association has established the rules for conformance testing and will control the test specification, the test tools and the whole process.

The following statements show what has been achieved since the founding of the DLMS User Association in 1997:

  • DLMS/COSEM is the first and only protocol for meter data exchange, which comes together with a conformance test (including meter models).
  • DLMS/COSEM is the first and only set of standards valid for reading of electricity, gas, heat and water meters (standardised in IEC, CENELEC and CEN).
  • DLMS/COSEM comes with a standardised view of the meter from outside (implementation is up to the manufacturers).