The Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC) is widely considered to be the richest country in the world regarding natural resources; its untapped deposits of raw minerals are estimated to be worth in excess of US$ 24 trillion, which includes diamond, gold, tin, titanium, tungsten, copper and cobalt. The DRC offers multiple opportunities for investment in the mining sector, but also in the power area.

The potential for power generation is estimated at 100 000MW in hydropower, the most abundant source of power in Africa.  The capacity of current power installation produces only 2 400MW, which is 3% of overall potential.  The electricity deficit in DRC costs mining companies thousands of Euros in arrested operations.  The DRC boasts massive natural resources which cannot be fully exploited because of a lack of consistent and secure power supply.  

Investors raise key concerns
These are facts that one can Google and find online. Yet, how is business conducted in the DRC? What are the current issues facing the private sector and what is the status of the Mining Code? What knowledge is required in order to be successful in DRC?  Where can investors find the resources needed and how can they access the right people to talk to? Is there sufficient power supply in the DRC and what is its future? These are the questions that most business people raise when talking about the DRC.

2013 marks the 9th edition of the only two day investment forum in Kinshasa; iPAD DRC Mining Indaba. This year, the event will introduce a pre-conference think-tank on Power: Synergy Mines-Energy.

iPAD DRC will examine critical issues pertaining to the business climate and transparency and how DRC can attract direct investment, the fiscal regime and the impacts on the mining sector. In addition, this year event will discuss the current mining projects with emphasis on diamonds, gold and the 3T’s, Corporate Social Responsibility and the issues around mining and communities as well as touching on artisanal mining.

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A platform to access strategic business insight and meet influential decision makers
iPAD DRC is a well established, annual mining investment event for the DRC focusing on creating an enabling environment as well as ramping up infrastructure to boost the industrialisation of the mining sector.  Exploration companies and mining operators need to maintain and build on existing relationships with Central Government plus have a keen understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing the mining sector. In the DRC, mining companies must make sure they comprehend the business climate, fiscal policies and tax regimes that will impact their daily business.  In 2013 the Mining Code will be revised, which will impact royalties that companies must pay to government, among other things.  

In such a complex environment with the governance, transparency and business climate, mining companies need access to intelligence and key contacts to enable sound business decisions and minimize risk. iPAD DRC in Kinshasa links mining companies to government and service providers – from legal experts, consultants to suppliers of technologies and mining products – to mining companies.

Power supply critical for the future of mining in DRC
But when talking about the mining sector in the DRC, it is important to look at the power supply issues which are at the forefront for the mining sector. Power generation, distribution and transmission are key for the exploitation of commodities. Each time there is power outrage, money and time is wasted. Imagine is the mines in the DRC could rely on Power 24 hours? Imagine the benefits to the communities? This topic brought up the first pre-conference think tank on Synergy Mines-Power addressing these issues in Kinshasa.   This one-day forum will explore root causes of the current power deficit but also provide an opportunity for policy to be outlined and projects in the pipeline to be discussed with the major off-takers.  A strategic networking opportunity between government, mining operators, utilities and power sector professionals with experience in small and large hydropower and renewable energy projects as well as thermal projects.  

DRC’s copperbelt – hub of the mining industry
While looking at the DRC, one cannot miss on their radar the Copperbelt , more specifically the Katanga Province which is the world renown hub for copper and cobalt given its excellent quality. Therefore, iPAD series has launched 4 years ago iPAD Katanga Mining Briefing which is the international strategic and operational forum that gives direct access to copper and cobalt mining value chain including key government decision makers.

Exploration and production of the copper and cobalt are at the heart of the Katanga province. Lubumbashi is a vibrant city and its heart belongs to the production and its exploration of copper and cobalt. Yet, the mining industry does encounter challenges when it comes to infrastructure, power and the supply chain without forgetting the borders. These challenges encountered by the industry must be address in order to boost the production and that is why iPAD Katanga Mining Briefing is a must attend event. It is the only event providing the opportunity to network, build trade links and operational know-how by offering tactical and practical content alongside a two-day exhibition where sellers can showcase their products.  

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