Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have earned a position among the top 20 “most exciting African mineral jurisdictions,” according to Global Business Reports, a Singapore-based research body, because the countries have untapped wealth and steady rise in mineral revenues.

The “Mining in Africa Country Investment Guide” publication was especially produced as a tool guide for the annual for the 2014 African Mining Indaba.

While Rwanda is new on the African mining playing field, it remains the world’s fourth largest producer of tantalum and shows similar potential for several other minerals, the report said. “Where Rwanda’s mining sector lacks volume and capacity, the country has made significant strides in implementing regulatory reform in an effort to woo international investors.”

The report examines five regions on the continent – Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa – encompassing 53 countries in total, and mentions the top 20 mining destinations, but it avoids mentioning specific positions, saying that “it is not intended as a formal ranking.”