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ELB provides total solutions serves mining, minerals, power and ports

ELB Engineering Services (ELB) is a total solutions provider to the mining, minerals, power, port, construction and industrial sector in the fields of materials handling, mining equipment and process plants. Its core platform is co-operation agreements with worldwide technology and know-how providers.

ELB solution1

A 4 000tph FAM spreader on crawlers

Using in-house experience and capability supplemented by a world class centre of excellence based in Germany, ELB renders technological innovative solutions to the market place. This encompasses the supply of turnkey packages from run-of-mine tip to ship loading, including all conveyor options, stockyard equipment and simulation modelling.

Cooperation Agreements
To augment its capabilities, ELB has aligned itself with a number of technology partners – two of which are FAM Förderanlagen Magdeburg and Claudius Peters of Germany – for the supply of all of its bulk materials handling requirements and fine powder handling in the pneumatic conveying fields, as well as mills and coolers for the cement industry respectively.

Materials Handling
FAM is a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment, and has over 100 years of experience in providing bulk material handling solutions to more than 60 countries. Its wide range of products and technologies covers stacking, reclaiming, ship-loading, crushers, mills, apron feeders, pipe conveyors and total engineered projects.

ELB solution2

FAM bucket wheel excavator – 4 000 tph

One of the recent and successful projects handled by FAM was the turnkey conveying equipment for dynamic leach pad systems. The SPENCE project in Chile uses a new handling system from Germany where FAM supplied the complete conveying machinery for the leach pad system of the SPENCE BHP copper mine in northern Chile. The complex facility weighing approximately 7 500 tonnes was installed in only 24 months after contracting – an extremely short period for a newly developed handling system. While the FAM parent company in Germany engineered and manufactured the more complicated structural steel elements, basic steelwork was contracted out mostly to suppliers in Chile.

During leaching, acid supplied via pipelines passes through flat piles of crushed and conditioned ore. It dissolves the copper contained in the ore. The acid is recovered in a drainage system and then goes to an electrolysis plant where copper is extracted.

ELB solution3

Longest FLUIDCON incline in the world

The entire facility has been designed for easy maintenance, with a high level of component standardisation to reduce the number of spare parts to a minimum. This includes individual parts, drive assemblies and even complete undercarriages.

In Southern Africa, ELB is in the process of manufacturing and erecting three bulk material handling machines namely, one ship-loader, one reclaimer and one combination stacker reclaimer.

Fine Powder Handling
ELB Engineering Services‘ pneumatic conveying may be defined as the art of transporting dry bulk materials through pipeline by either a negative or a positive pressure air stream. It is also described as the harnessing of air movement to accomplish work.

The company is one of the leading suppliers of pneumatic conveying systems in the country, offering technologies in the field of materials handling process, providing turnkey and semi-turnkey systems to a wide range of industries. Its solutions are world-renowned for their quality, durability, reliability and performance. It combines top quality equipment and system design integrity with exceptional personal service.

ELB solution4

FAM conveyor-bridge on crawlers
with 3 500 tph tripper car

ELB Engineering Services offers dense, semi-dense, lean and vacuum phase conveying. With its variety of approaches, you’re assured of receiving the best pneumatic solution for your needs and budget.

The company’s technology is enhanced through ELB Engineering Services‘ relationship with Claudius Peters where ELB is able to offer a wide range of world class equipment in the cement, alumina, lime, gypsum and power industries.

…is there a better conveying technique?
Claudius Peters latest technology in pneumatic conveying is the FLUIDCON system which substantially reduces power consumption. FLUIDCON can be used to convey all fine bulk solids which can be utilised with low air velocities, and expands homogeneously during the process.

FLUIDCON is a conveyor pipe that can be partially or completely fluidised over the horizontal length of the pipe (the aero-slide principle). This air is used to fluidise but not transport the material. The material transport air travels perpendicular to the fluidisation air (the conveyor pipe principle) and passes in an axial direction. The pressure loss of the transport air flow substitutes for the inclination of an aero-slide.

The aero-slide principle turns the bulk solids into a fluid state with minimal internal friction and ensures that the solids remain fluidised away from the bottom of the pipe and into the gas flow. These optimum conveying conditions allow the transportation of solids with very low axial driving gas velocities in the feed point and acceleration section of the pipe. Therefore, it is possible to convey materials with minimal differential pressure and inclined uphill with the FLUIDCON system.

ELB solution5

The Claudius Peters technical
centre at Buxtehude, in Germany

The Claudius Peters FLUIDCON System has proved to be a valuable alternative in bulk materials handling applications. Additionally this type of system can be used in ash removal plants. This system is particularly suitable for the removal of fly ash from a bag house or ESP. The fly ash discharge points are connected to a common FLUIDCON conveying pipe and the ash is continuously removed and can be conveyed long distances. The application of the FLUIDCON system for the conveying of dust below filter installations offers the following advantages compared to other conveying installations:

  • Lower investment cost
  • Lower gas and solids velocities
  • Lower conveying pressure
  • Reduced wear
  • Lower power requirement
  • Lower installation height
  • Simplified material feeding

ELB has installed multiple FLUIDCON systems in the cement industry, and is also very active with the converting and upgrading of conventional pneumatic conveying systems to the FLUIDCON system.