Four MikroSort electronic sorting machines are to be supplied to Namdeb at Oranjemund to recover diamonds from X-ray tailings. The order was placed on Scan & Sort, a CommoDaS group company and a technology partner of MikroSort South Africa.


A typical MikroSort ConcSort installation
similar to those that will be used
at Namdeb’s Oranjemund plant.

The MikroSort machines will be installed at Namdeb’s No. 4 Plant at Oranjemund following comparative testing which showed MikroSort capable of recovering more than 90% of all free diamonds from tailings samples.

The conventional way of treating diamondiferous material is dense media separation (DMS) followed by X-ray and hand sorting. X-ray sorting is based on fluorescence, which makes it ideal for the recovery of high luminescent diamonds. However, low luminescent diamonds in the concentrate are often missed and end up on the tailings dump.

The four MikroSort ConcSort BSX machines will sort waste received from X-ray sorters based on transparency, one of several optical properties that can be used to programme MikroSort equipment.