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Energy efficient motors

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The new WEG W22 electric motor
introduced by Zest Electric Motors

Zest Electric Motors has introduced the new WEG W22 electric motors to the local market to counter excess energy usage in plants.

This range of three phase induction motors is designed to offer lower energy consumption, lower noise and vibration, higher reliability, easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Available initially from frame size 225S/M (37 kW, four pole) and up to frame size 355M/L (330 kW four pole), the WEG W22 range will also provide outputs of up to 450 kW four pole in a new frame designated 355A/B.

The lower outputs from 0.18 kW to 30 kW (frame sizes 63 to 200) will be phased in up to February 2010, and while not boasting all the design elements of the larger machines, the smaller frame sizes still incorporate many benefits of the WEG W22 concept. Ways to improve motor efficiency and prolong lifespan: 

WEG electric2

The new end shield
design promotes excellent
heat dissipation
  • Maximum heat dissipation through extended frame area. 
  • Solid integrated feet for increased mechanical rigidity and easier installation. 
  • Flat surfaces provided on frame and end shields for vibration monitoring. 
  • Flexibility of terminal box mounting positions. 
  • Reduced noise pressure levels (limited TO 80 dB(A) at one metre). 
  • Reduced operating temperatures through optimised cooling system. 
  • Reliability of fan cover which is able to withstand IK08 impact test.
  • Oversized split level terminal box for easier connection. 
  • New connector for fast accessory assembly. 
  • Connection reliability (terminal block prevents cable rotation). 
  • Electrical insulated bearing housing option. 
  • End shield design promotes excellent heat dissipation. 
  • Extended lubrication intervals result in lower maintenance costs. 
  • Efficient lubrication system. 
  • New W-seal and W3 seals provide improved protection against contaminants. 
  • Earth terminals on both sides of frame. 
  • New drain plugs certified to IP 55 and IP 66. 
  • New frame range with extended outputs. 
  • WISE insulation system with better materials for VSD applications. 
  • Flat efficiency curves maximise energy savings. 
  • Standard Efficiency, Premium Efficiency Plus and Top Premium Efficiency designs exceed IE 1, IE 2 and IE 3 levels defined by IEC 60034-30. 
  • Top Premium Efficiency ratings in the same frame sizes for complete interchangeability.