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Engineering company joins with Chinese sourcing unit

Kobus van der Wath

Chief Executive of
the Beijing Axis,
Kobus van der Wath.

Bateman Engineering and The Beijing Axis have formed a China-focused procurement business. This will help firms benefit on a global basis from optimised costeffectiveness, delivery times and quality available when sourcing from China for capital projects, equipment and commodities.

The Bateman Beijing Axis, established as an equity joint venture between the two parties, provides services in three areas. One of these is procurement from China for Bateman Engineering’s projects across the globe. The second is procurement for independent external clients across the globe and predominantly in the mining and resources, industrial, manufacturing and engineering, and power and infrastructure sectors. The third area is bulk commodity procurement, marketing and trading on behalf of both bulk commodity producers and users.

Services are supplied across the supply chain, from procurement needs analysis; supplier identification, evaluation, pre-qualification, selection and negotiation; contract management; quality assurance and quality control; expediting and logistics.

John Ferreira

Executive Chairman of
Bateman Engineering,
John Ferreira.

In addition, services are available for the sourcing of standard off-the-shelf equipment right through to procurement that may require intricate project management, technical design and engineering, and product development and testing.

Since its inception in early 2009, the Bateman Beijing Axis has developed a procurement project track record in its own right related to large complex capital projects, equipment and consumables, strategic raw materials, components, finished goods and services.