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Fatal accident at Merriespruit

Merriespruit Number 1
Shaft at Harmony’s
Virginia operations
in the Free State
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 26 March 2010 – Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited “’ the world’s No. 5 gold producer “’ has revealed that a mineworker has been killed in a rock fall at the Merriespruit 1 shaft at the company’s Virginia operations in the Free State.

Announcing this here, Harmony’s spokesperson Esha Brijmohan said operations at the mine were continuing, and that a decision on whether or not to halt output would be made after an investigation into the cause of the rock fall. Management, together with the Department of Mineral Resources would commence investigations today.

“Everything is pending the outcome of the investigations “’ but at present the mine has not been stopped from operating,” Brijmohan said. She added that the investigating team would also conduct a risk assessment at the shaft to determine the safety of the affected areas.

Reuters reports that South Africa, which has the world’s deepest gold mines, has a dire safety record, and that the fatalities have led to temporary closures of mines denting output.