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First export shipment leaves Beira’s new coal terminal

The “Bulk Zambesi”
being loaded with coal
for trans-shipment to a
larger vessel about 32km
Maputo, Mozambique — MININGREVIEW.COM — 02 February 2012 – The first shipment of Mozambican export coal has left the new coal terminal at the central Mozambican port of Beira, reports Maputo daily newspaper “Noticias.”

The ship “Bulk Zambeze,” which can carry 35,000t of coal, left Beira for the high seas where it will transship the coal to a Panamax vessel with a capacity of above 60,000t.

The coal was mined in the western province of Tete by the Brazilian company Vale and is destined for the Asian markets.

The new terminal possesses state of the art loading equipment and can handle 6Mtpa of coal “’ the same capacity as the Sena railway line that runs from the Moatize coal basin in Tete to Beira.

This coal terminal is still described as “provisional” because with the expected growth in Mozambican coal exports over the next few years, plus likely exports from neighbouring Zimbabwe, the terminal will have nowhere near enough capacity.

The Mozambican port and rail company, CFM, is looking for partners to help build a much larger coal terminal with the capacity to handle 20Mtpa. According to Felix Machado, head of the Marketing and Sales Department of Cornelder of Mozambique “’ the company that operates Beira port, “’ there is simply no spare capacity in Beira for such a terminal. The proposed new terminal thus implies construction of an entirely new port somewhere north of Beira.

The “Bulk Zambezi” is a Supramax bulk carrier. It is one of two sister ships, owned by the Italian company Coeclerici, and built in the Jiangsu Hantong shipyard in China. The ships were built specifically to serve Vale’s trans-shipment needs in Beira. The trans-shipment to a larger vessel takes place about 32km offshore.