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Forbes & Manhattan suspends SA operations

Operations remain
suspended at Forbes
& Manhattan’s Magdalena
and Aviemore mines
Toronto, Canada — 02 November 2012 – Canadian-based Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corporation has confirmed that operations at its Magdalena and Aviemore mines and coal processing plant near Dundee in South Africa will remain suspended until such time as the safety of all employees and security of all company property can be assured.

The company’s decision to suspend operations followed an incident in which two employees were injured and subsequently died. The incident is under investigation by the South African Police Service.

Ahead of the incident, some 750 employees of the company had been engaged in a protracted, wage-related strike marred by breaches of agreed picketing rules, intimidation and damage to company property.

Forbes Coal president and CEO Stephan Theron said: “Management is committed to reaching an early settlement with striking employees, in the interests of all stakeholders. However, resumption of negotiations is predicated on a commitment to orderly conduct, and to the following of due process under the South African Labour Relations Act.”

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