Construction is on
track at the Sentinel
platinum mine in
Ndola, Zambia — 15 May 2013 – Canadian-based international mining and minerals company First Quantum Minerals Limited is well on track towards completion of its US$2.4 billion Sentinel copper mine at Kalumbila, in the north-western Province of Zambia. reports that company resource optimisation manager John Gladston told “The Times of Zambia” in an interview here that when commissioned in late 2014, the Sentinel mine would have the capacity to produce 300,000tpa of copper.

He said construction of the mine was well on course and soon one of the two 28-foot diameter sag mills to be used for stone crushing would be installed. “Excellent progress has been made as regards the ongoing construction of the mine and we are just about to install one of the two large sag mills, which will be the largest in Africa,” he revealed.

Gladston pointed out that the construction of Kalumbila mine would bring unprecedented development in the form of employment and secondary business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the north-western province of Zambia.

He said the setting up of multi-facility economic zones would contribute massively to the creation and growth of medium to large industries, as well as spin-off commercial activities in the region. He cautioned, however, that completion of the mine within the stipulated period of time was contingent on a number of approvals, such as resettlement plans, by the government. Construction of the mine will affect 570 households and some 1,400 farmers.

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