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Gas, Hillary Clinton, World Bank and Inga: DRC still a success story in the making

It has been another eventful month for the Democratic Republic of Congo, and yet, it is indicative of the enormous potential of the country.  The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Goma and announced funding to address sexual violence; the European Commission announced that it is backing a DRC-Rwandan gas project, and the World Bank said it would support the Inga hydro power project.  On the eve of iPAD DRC, a top level gathering of investors, cabinet ministers and business leaders in Kinshasa from 6-8 October, these are all strong indicators that the country is ready for investment and eager to get its house in order.

iPAD DRC, (Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development), has become the largest annual forum in the DRC to explore strategies for infrastructure development in the mining, power, transport, banking and telecommunication sectors.  The conference and exhibition is the only international business-to-business forum in the DRC for government and business to meet and explore opportunities for developing and investing in the infrastructure of the country and the region in general.

Says the conference director Nicole Smith: “since its inauguration 5 years ago, iPAD DRC has witnessed increased flows of capital into the DRC, despite so-called risks and despite the current downturn which has affected the mining sector and commodities like copper.  In the meantime, we have seen increased investment into sectors like energy, transport, and communications.  Now that the transition to a peace-time economy is getting underway, as a result of the commitment to growing stability in regions like North and South Kivu, there is rejuvenated investor enthusiasm.”  

Programme highlights include:

  • Message from the Presidency:  Mazunga Kimbembe, Principal Advisor to the President in charge of Territory and Infrastructure Development, Presidency, DRC
  • Message from the Prime Ministry:  His Excellency Émile Bongeli, Vice-Prime Minister in charge of Reconstruction, Prime Ministry, DRC
  • Keynote address:  His Excellency Olivier Kamitatu Etsu, Minister, Ministry of Planning, DRC
  • Update on the oil and gas sector:  His Excellency René Isekemanga Nkeka, Minister, Ministry of Hydrocarbons, DRC*
  • Chinese investment in infrastructure towards regional interconnectivity:  Wu Zexian, Ambassador, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, DRC
  • Panel discussions:
    • Strategies for the mining sector to integrate the economy of the DRC ;
    • A precise look at the politics of electricity in the DRC including the introduction of new legislation ;
    • Strategies to manage the perspective of a high-risk environment and how to improve the political and economic perception of the country on a global scale.

The high-level programme includes a unique visit to Inga I and II hydroelectricity plant in Bas-Congo province.   

“Plans for Inga III are forging ahead and the success of this project will not only implicate the DRC but the Central and Southern African region as a whole,” says Nicole Smith. “Ultimately this project aims to electrify South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.  The DRC is now not only the most exciting exploration opportunity on the continent with a wealth of natural resources and mineral reserves within its borders but is also a pivotal component for regional economic development in Southern and Central Africa.”

Contact us for a complete updated programme or download from the event website:  www.ipad-africa.com/drc  

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