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GBG nears shaft bottom at Burnstone

Great Basin Gold’s
Burnstone mine in
South Africa
Vancouver, Canada — MININGREVIEW.COM — 15 April 2010 – Great Basin Gold Limited (GBG) – an emerging mid-tier gold producer listed on the Toronto, American and Johannesburg stock exchanges – says that at its Burnstone mine project in South Africa the 7.5m diameter vertical shaft has been sunk to a depth of 459 m, with only 26 m remaining to shaft bottom.

Revealing this here in its latest operational update the company said development of shaft bottom infrastructure was underway. Shaft steelwork would commence at the end of April 2010 upon completion of the shaft bottom infrastructure. The rock and man winder installations were currently underway, with completion also planned for April 2010.

The update added that as at 31 March 2010, a total of approximately 1 500 m of reef development had been completed, and 173 m of development remained on the decline shaft to link it up with the vertical shaft, with a total of 2 580 m of development completed to date.

It went on to say that a limited amount of mining, by way of long hole stoping, had been undertaken and results were in line with expectations. As at 31 March 2010, approximately 80 000 ore tonnes from mining and development had been accumulated on the surface stockpile.

Construction of the metallurgical plant continued with the major items such as silos and other foundations completed. Refurbishment of the ball and semi autogenous grinding mills had been completed and these were ready for delivery to site. Metallurgical plant commissioning was on track for end June 2010.

GBG president and CEO Ferdi Dippenaar commented: “Our target date for the delivery of the Burnstone Mine in South Africa remains the end of June 2010, with a significant number of milestones having been reached over the past three months. Much remains to be done, but we continue to be confident that the tight timelines will be met.”