Ghana Chamber
of Mines CEO,
Toni Aubynn
Accra, Ghana — MININGREVIEW.COM — 23 January 2012 – The Ghana Chamber of Mines has appealed to the extractive industry to intensify its efforts to expand and improve the industry in the country, and in Africa as a whole.

Chamber CEO. Toni Aubynn says players in the extractive industry need to effectively manage the sustainability of the mineral resources at their disposal. This, he noted, would enable the African continent to develop at a pace that would be appreciated by all.

"There is a crucial need for Africa to manage the sustainability of its mineral resources to follow up on what mining has done for the development of the continent,” said Aubynn.

“Mining contributes a great deal to the economies of the African states and it would therefore be suicidal for players in the extractive industry to neglect management of the sustainability of their mineral resources,” he declared. “It is important as a continent to have a vision for the mining industry.”

Aubynn advocated strengthening local participation in the extractive business as an avenue that can boost the economic advancement of the country and the continent.

As a first step towards the commitment of his proposal, he said the Ghana Chamber of Mines, the Minerals Commission and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding where 29 key areas had been identified to deepen local participation in the extractive industry.