Baar, Switzerland — 29 May 2013 – Glencore Xstrata has announced that today President Juan Manuel Santos, accompanied by senior members of his administration, will officially open Prodeco’s new Puerto Nuevo coal port in Colombia.

Part of the Prodeco Group, the construction of Puerto Nuevo commenced in 2010 and is a US$550 million investment in Colombia by Glencore. The state of the art infrastructure and equipment in use at Puerto Nuevo represents a key milestone in the development of the Colombian coal industry.

The port is the first in Ciénaga to implement a direct loading system for coal. Its initial annual export capacity will be approximately 21Mt with the coal being transported to markets including North America, Europe and Asia. Key statistics relating to the operations at Puerto Nuevo include: an unloading station for trains with a 8,000 t/h capacity; acoal storage yard with a capacity of 1.1Mt; 7km of covered conveyor belts that can transport 8,000 t/h, supported by a buffer silo with a capacity of 2,500Mt; and a 1.7km access pier that can receive Cape-size vessels of up to 180,000t.

Sustainability, both in terms of construction and its equipment, has always been a central focus at Puerto Nuevo. The construction of the port was tailored to protect almost 200 hectares of native forest with other initiatives including: protection up to 17m high to isolate coal stockpiles and help control dust emissions; the planting of 18,000 trees; the relocation of almost 800 animals.

Puerto Nuevo is firmly embedded in the local community, which is why the company prioritised the hiring of employees from the neighbouring communities in Ciénaga. Puerto Nuevo also created a corporate community service office to help further economic and social developments across the municipality. Since the community service office was opened in Ciénaga in 2010, it has assisted over 1,000 people to find employment.

Source: Glencore Xstrata. For more information, click here.