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Gold Fields ups production again

Gold Fields
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Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 29 June 2009 – Gold Fields Limited (Gold Fields) – Africa’s second- largest gold miner – is again increasing production in the fourth quarter of the current financial year, ending tomorrow.
In a news release issued here the company confirmed that attributable production in the current quarter was expected to increase by about 4% to approximately 905 000oz, which is better than the guidance provided on 7 May 2009.

The release added that attributable Q4 F2009 production from the company’s South African mines was expected to increase by about 2% to approximately 520 000 oz, compared with 517 000 oz achieved in Q3 F2009. The individual mines were expected to perform as follows: Driefontein 212 000 oz; Kloof 160 000 oz; South Deep 52 000oz; and Beatrix 103 000oz).

It went on to say that during the quarter, production at both Driefontein and Kloof had been impacted by increased levels of seismicity, resulting in safety-related production interruptions. As expected, both South Deep and Beatrix had shown improved performances during the quarter.

CEO Nick Holland commented: “The important feature of Q4 F2009 is that our operations have generally shown greater consistency and predictability in their performance, enabling us to achieve our overall operational guidance for the quarter. I am particularly pleased that, despite the seismic-related safety incidents at Kloof and Driefontein, our safety performance continued to improve.”
He added that in Q4 F2009 Gold Fields would for the third consecutive quarter, maintain the upward trend in its attributable production. “We remain committed during the next 12 months to building up to our production goal of 950 000 to 1Moz per quarter, as safety continues to improve at our South African operations,” he concluded.