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Gold mining to start in Uganda

Gold – about to
come to Uganda
Kampala, Uganda — MININGREVIEW.COM — 21 April 2008 – History will be made in Uganda later this year when the first gold mining operation is launched in the Mubende district of the central part of the country.

Reporting on this development here, internet agency allAfrica,com quoted a senior official in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development – Joshua Tuhumwine – as revealing that gold mining will commence in October in Kamalenge in the Kassanda country of the Mubende district.

Tuhumwine – who is a commissioner in the ministry’s Department of Geology Survey and Mines – told the Parliamentary Natural Resources Committee that the possibility of another exploitable gold resource in nearby Kisita is also being assessed and evaluated.

The parliamentary committee has been considering the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development’s national budget framework paper, and Tuhumwine appeared together with state minister for energy Simon D’ujanga and other ministry officials to make their submission.