Christopher Chadwick,
Gold One’s CFO
and acting CEO
Johannesburg, South Africa — 02 January 2013 – Gold One International Limited “’ a mid-tier mining group with gold operations and gold and uranium prospects across Southern Africa “’ has announced the reconstitution of its board from eleven to seven directors.

In terms of an agreement entered into between Gold One and its 89.08% Chinese shareholder BCX Gold Investment Holdings Limited in 2011, a board of eleven members was appointed for one year.

This ended on 29 December 2012, and shareholders have been advised that with effect from 30 December 2012, the board has been streamlined to comprise seven directors, of which four will be independent.

The reconstituted board will comprise two non-executive directors nominated by BCX, four independent non-executive directors, and one executive director. Messrs Yalei Sun and Chao Zhou will remain on the board in their capacity as non-executive directors as nominated by BCX, and Yalei Sun will continue to act as chairman.

Messrs Robert Chan, Allan Liu and Michael Solomon will remain as independent non-executive directors, and a fourth independent non-executive director will be appointed shortly.

Christopher Chadwick, in his capacity as acting CEO and CFO, will serve as the Board’s sole executive director.

Source: Gold One International. For more information, click here.