Anglo American
Platinum CEO
Chris Griffith
Cape Town, South Africa — 21 February 2013 – Talks between Anglo Platinum (Amplats), the unions and government are unlikely to save 14,000 jobs at the company’s mines, says company CEO Chris Griffith.

Fin24 reports that he told Parliament’s committee on mineral resources that his company was committed to talks aimed at finding possible alternatives to job losses.

Committee chairperson Fred Gona wanted an assurance that the talks would bear fruit.

“For you to shed so many jobs, 14,000 on top of the rate of unemployment which is so high in the country, is quite a shocking situation,” Gona said.

“Are you confident that indeed through these engagements there’s a possibility that jobs will be saved?" he asked.

Griffith said he doubted the talks would change the situation.

“As a company we’ve had a close look at what we can do, but no I’m not at all confident that we’re going to have some clever idea that all we had to do was think about that and this problem goes away and Anglo American Platinum all of a sudden becomes profitable,” he stated.

Griffith’s comments came as workers in Rustenburg returned to work after clashes and work stoppages in the North West town earlier this week.

Mining resumed at Amplats operations in the North West province yesterday after violence earlier this week, the company said.

Workers had stayed away from work after a bloody clash between security guards and workers at Siphumelele shaft, in which 13 people were injured, one of them critically.

The company said it had lost 3,886oz of platinum production as a result of the stoppage.

Source: Fin24. For more information, click here.