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GRUNER AG – specialist developers of latching relays

GRUNER AG – specialist developers of latching relays

GRUNER AG developed the first electronic ripple control receivers some 30 years ago. These receivers required latching relays, which we produced in-house. It was soon apparent that there was also an external need for the relays, and we supplied them to companies which were themselves active in the market for ripple control and energy management systems. 

This led to the strategic decision within GRUNER to specialise in the development and production of the relays, and to abandon our activities in ripple control. Our system background soon allowed us to become a leading supplier of polarised relays. Ripple control equipment suppliers, which initially produced their own relays, abandoned production and took advantage of the lower cost and high performance of the GRUNER relays.


The larger-scale development of pre-payment meters, which took place during 
the 1980s, represented a further opportunity for GRUNER. We began to develop and produce latching relays for load currents beyond 100A. This market segment requires specification parameters in excess of international standards, specifically as regards the fault current capability and the switching into short circuits.

Our relays were developed in close co-operation with leading customers, research institutes and test houses. Within a few years, GRUNER became a market leader for these key components.

GRUNER works very closely with key customers and leading IC manufacturers to provide the most cost-effective solutions for energy management and prepayment equipment. The newest examples are the relays with built in shunt, which represent a milestone for cost saving and increased reliability in meters with disconnection/re-connection facilities, such as prepayment meters. Today we offer seven basic relay types, covering a load current range from 8A to 200A. Some of them offer variants – for example, specific contacts for lamps or a built-in precision shunt for current measurement.


As a basic requirement, all relays comply with the IEC, ANSI and UL standards. In addition, the relays for prepayment applications fulfill the specifications of individual national supply authorities. Although various attempts have been made over the years to copy our relays – sometimes even using the same product numbers – these were always unsuccessful.

Today there are more than 30 million GRUNER latching relays in the field. Over 20 million of them are polarised latching relays, and of these 3 million are for load currents equal to or exceeding 60A. 

Our considerable experience in the production of relays, and our dedicated teams of engineers, will ensure the continuous development of improved and new products in the years to come.