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GSM-operated electronic watt-hour meters

RIZ Transmitters Co, a medium-sized company with over 50 years of experience in the electronic production field – especially in power electronics – has been active in the electronic watt-hour meter market since 1994. From the start RIZ decided to focus on the market niche for sophisticated single-phase and three-phase electronic watt-hour meters with a broad range of programmed features, in particular automatic meter reading and programming (AMR).

The company’s energy metering division has always believed that AMR would have a growing role in the meter market of the future. The labour costs associated with the manual collection of data, together with the cost and legal problems involved when customers receive an incorrect bill because this data is recorded incorrectly (so-called ‘typing errors’) meant that company policy focused mainly on AMR production. 

At the very beginning we started with two local meter reading standards – IR single meter communication using the IEC 1107 standard and the ‘magnetic’ local network group of meters communicating using the IEC 1142 standard. By applying these two methods we solved most of the problems concerning manual reading, like prevention of typing and conversion errors, but the need to have personnel in the field collecting data using AMR handheld units still persisted. 

Today the ever-growing GSM business, both in technical possibilities and in geographic coverage, gives us the opportunity to put the last link in the chain of an AMR system. By connecting local reading systems (which are already built-in in our meters) with GSM modules we can achieve instant communication between the meters and a utility’s data collection and billing system.