Bauxite mining
in Guinea Bissau
Bissau, Guinea Bissau — 13 March 2013 – Bauxite Angola “’ the Angolan company that has undertaken to explore bauxite deposits in the East of Guinea Bissau “’ has done no exploration since it signed an exploration contract seven years ago.

Interviewed by public television, minister for natural resources Daniel Gomes said that Bauxite Angola had yet to present environmental impact and economic viability studies, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

Macauhub News Agency quotes Lusa as saying that the minister made the statement at a time when the Guinean public prosecutor had said that the contract signed between Guinea Bissau and Bauxite Angola, in 2007, was not in line with legislation and could therefore be cancelled.

The minister added that Bauxite Angola had yet to respond to the Guinean proposal to restructure shareholdings, with Guinea Bissau holding onto 85%, rather than the current 10%, and Bauxite Angola taking 15% (it currently has 90%).

Daniel Gomes also said that Bauxite Angola had not outlined its exploration area, which was a requirement given that deposits are in an area bordering Guinea Conakry.

Source: Macauhub News Agency. For more information, click here.