Krebs Engineers has remained the world’s leading hydrocyclone supplier over the past 50 years and in the last decade the millMAX heavy duty slurry pump was added to the Krebs stable – giving the company the ability to supply complete slurry solutions to clients in the mining industry. The millMAX pump represents one of the most innovative developments to occur in the slurry pump industry in many a year.


A millMAX pump installed on a mill
discharge application.

Krebs Engineers Africa has been supplying millMAX heavy duty slurry pumps into Southern Africa, and in particular to the South African platinum industry.

The Krebs millMAX Pump is a new, hard metal pump design which was specifically developed for mill discharge and similar highly abrasive duties, commonly found in the platinum industry. The design is unique in that it treats the cause of unequal component wear (and the resultant drop off in hydraulic performance) rather than the symptoms. The millMAX Pump incorporates a patented feature which enables online adjustment of the critical impeller to suction side clearance and counters the primary leak path that occurs across the suction face of the impeller on conventional designs. Eliminating recirculation in this area not only lowers power consumption but significantly reduces uneven wear of parts which equates directly into an overall improved wear life of the pump, thereby lowering material, downtime and labour costs. On a typical slurry application the millMAX can be expected to achieve 1.5 times the wear life of a standard hard metal pump with 10-20% less power consumed. The ability to maintain the clearance between the suction face of the impeller and the suction side of the pump also means that a constant delivery pressure and flow is provided throughout the life of the pump, making it ideal for cyclone feed applications.MRA