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Heavy duty VoIP telephones


Specialist in underground mining communication systems and controls, Becker Electronics, has been appointed as exclusive distributor of Norphonic heavy duty Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones in Southern and Sub Saharan Africa.

“The addition of VoIP mining telephones significantly enhances the company’s product portfolio and support service, not only to the mining sector, but also to general industry and emergency environments,” Albert Bower, managing director of Becker Electronics, says. The company is part of the Becker group of companies.

“This telephone system, which enables optimal prioritisation of network traffic and ensures impeccable transfer of voice and data, also offers considerable cost savings associated with the latest VoIP technology.”

The robust, weather-resistant Norphonic telephones are compatible with any IP based PBX switchboard and existing infrastructures. This system can be maintained and upgraded from a remote location which reduces maintenance costs associated with conventional telephones. An automatic self monitoring and fault check function ensures maximum uptime and reduces maintenance requirements.

These telephones are designed for use on the mines, in industrial and emergency applications, as well as in the transport industry.