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Condra crane

Typical Condra K-Series hoist

Condra has reported recent deliveries of four high-lift hoists to local customers, one of them an articulated machine with a capacity of 45 tonnes, another with a very high lift of 112 metres. The company has received enquiries for similar equipment from two neighbouring states.

Condra has supplied cranes to industry and the mines for many years, and is acknowledged in South Africa as the market leader in very high lift applications.

Key to this success is the company’s K-Series hoist range. The modular design of the K-Series allows rapid modification to specific high-lift application requirements, resulting in delivery times that are usually the shortest available.

Competitive prices are the result of long production runs of standard parts. Condra uses silumin rotor cores to enhance K-Series motorstarting torque in the high-lift role, and has developed variable speed control levels on the drives to enable precise load positioning even on lifts of 100 metres and more.

Hoist speeds of between zero and 18 metres per minute, and travel speeds of between zero and 200 metres per minute, are possible.

The company has in the past manufactured mine headgear maintenance cranes with lift heights in excess of 80 metres, more than three times the 25 metres classified by international standards as very high.

ISO 9000 standards are maintained for material and workmanship. Condra is finalising its compliance to the ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 standards. Before delivery, all K-Series hoists are tested for 100 hours, or about 6,000 lifts at near full load with double the rated duty. Hoists of 10 tonnes or smaller are type tested at four times the rated load over a series of ten lifts.

The full Condra range of cranes and rope hoists covers capacities from 250 kg to 500 tonnes. Hoists above two tonnes are manufactured in Gauteng, at the company’s custom made premises in Raceway Industrial Park.

For lift applications below two tonnes, Condra serves as the sole South African distributor of Hitachi electric chain hoists.