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Hydraulic cylinder capabilities closer to customers

Suené Snyman

SHEQ manager Suené Snyman

Kappa Engineering has appointed regional distributors in Northern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga to bring the company’s hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repair capabilities closer to customers.

Management has also made exploratory visits to Central African countries with a view to establishing stockholdings and minimising lead times.

According to SHEQ manager Suené Snyman, the appointment of agents was made possible largely because of improved productivity and faster throughput times at the Johannesburg factory.

Snyman, who joined Kappa Engineering in September 2008, says that Kappa had gone beyond the procedures required by its ISO 9000:2001 listing. “Management agreed that we needed to improve on quality that was already good, by identifying what the OEMs wanted, and then delivering it to them,” she says.

“What they wanted was better turnaround times, so we have put in place specific procedures to achieve this. We have focused on manufacturing processes to reduce quality reworks by 4%. We have almost completely eliminated scrap, and we are maintaining our focus on work flows to improved productivity.”

As an example, Snyman points to a local plant hire company which has improved its lead times on machinery supplied to mines throughout Africa. “We are repairing its hydraulic cylinders more quickly, resulting in fewer of the customer’s machines being unavailable owing to repairs. This has a directly positive effect on that company’s bottom line.

East Rand-based Kappa Engineering has been manufacturing, assembling, testing and repairing high pressure hydraulic cylinders for 22 years. The company is particularly strong in the underground trackless markets, in earthmoving, drilling and exploration, and in the waste removal market, all of which require different sizes and different shapes of hydraulic cylinder.