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IHC Marine and Mineral Projects


It is on the back of the experience and strong track record within the underwater diamond mining industry off the west coast of Southern Africa by Marine and Mineral Projects since 1993, that the shareholders of IHC Merwede joined forces with selected staff from this leading designer and manufacturer of underwater mining systems including crawlers, to form IHC Marine and Mineral Projects in April 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Through the creation of IHC Marine and Mineral Projects, IHC Merwede now has a foothold in Africa and is able to provide the mining industry through this unique merger, innovative engineering solutions and leading technology for deep sea mining systems and equipment. This combined proven experience and project management capability in underwater mining distinguish IHC Marine and Mineral Projects from other mining consultants.

More recently, as the world’s land based mining resources are steadily depleted and mining houses have moved their focus to underwater resources, IHC Marine and Mineral Projects is in demand to develop both shallow and deep water sampling and mining systems. The deep sea mining industry is expanding and as such, the number of enquiries for deep sea dredging and mining solutions is increasing accordingly. Numerous studies for systems to explore, develop and mine minerals, such as diamonds, gold, gas, hydrates and other heavy minerals, from the depths of the oceans are already in progress.

IHC Marine and Mineral Projects is based in Cape Town – South Africa, but operates internationally, supplying equipment to a range of mining and oil & gas projects in the UK, Europe, Russia, Brazil and Australasia.

IHC Marine and Mineral Projects provide the underwater mining, oil and gas industries with:

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Production management
  • Project integration management
  • Commissioning, training and life cycle support

Areas of expertise also include general marine, coastal, mining and marine infrastructure.

The team have a proven track record of delivering projects safely, on time, to the expected quality norms and within budget and are the forerunners in the development of world-leading technology for deep sea mining from support vessels.

The focus of the business lies in partnering with clients to meet their project requirements. IHC Marine and Mineral Projects has extensive experience in all project phases, including conceptual design, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, implementation including system definition, build, commissioning and handover.

The client’s business requirements are fulfilled by delivering a variety of Consulting, Project Management and Engineering Design Services on either an EPCM, Turnkey or rates basis. After sales and repair services are also provided and IHC Marine and Mineral Projects pride themselves on a rapid response time.


The depth of experience amongst the IHC Marine and Mineral Projects team together with the utilization of the latest technical software for detailed engineering in the fields of mechanical, structural, electrical, automation and control guarantee complete professional services and deliverables. These core in-house skills are augmented by the IHC Merwede engineering and fabrication facilities as necessary.

IHC Marine and Mineral Projects follow a value system which is based on integrity and honesty, this business model is founded on cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and suppliers. Safety, health and the environment is an important part of the culture and is inherent in the way projects are implemented from design through to commissioning and handover.

IHC Marine and Mineral Project’s core differentiators are their proven track record of delivering integrated multi-disciplinary solutions, a dedicated and well experienced team, and their in-house mechanical, structural, electrical, automation and control expertise.