Impala Platinum’s
troubled Rustenburg
Johannesburg, South Africa — 23 May 2012 – Workers at Impala Platinum’s Rustenburg mine “’ which is losing 3,000 ounces a day in output because of inter-union problems “’ extended their walk-out for another day amid violence between rival unions at the world’s biggest platinum mine.

Revealing this here, police spokesman Thulani Ngubane told Reuters that the miners were not going back to work and that there were still incidents of intimidation. Implats officials could not be reached immediately for comment.

As unprotected work stoppages continued at Impala Platinum, management was due to have met with worker leaders yesterday to explain their position and secure a return to work.

“We have not received any demands from workers in relation to this work stoppage which in our view is as a result of continued union rivalry between the NUM and AMCU. Our first priority is the safety of our employees,” an Implats statement confirmed.

“We condemn the use of violence and intimidation and call on all the parties to do the same and allow employees to freely exercise their democratic right to join whatever union they want to belong to. We have called on our employees to return to work and allow the law to take its course and for the violence to cease,” the statement added.

Source: Reuters. For more information, click here.