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Impala Tailings Project

Impala tailings

The Impala tailings scavenger
plant flotation banks

Having delivered on the Impala Platinum flash dryer project, K’Enyuka was appointed as the EPCM contractor for the tailings scavenger plant at Impala Platinum’s Rustenburg processing facility.

The project entailed providing a scavenger flotation plant capable of processing the platinum group metal (PGM) tailings slurry that is piped to the plant from current arisings.

“This will enable Impala Platinum to extract PGMs from the slurry and will noticeably increase the recovery derived from processing the average 1,000 tonnes an hour of tailings slurry,” Trevor Anderson, project engineer responsible for the Impala tailings scavenger plant project at K’Enyuka, says.

It is anticipated that the tailings scavenger plant will provide Impala Platinum with 90% availability.

“In spite of the current volatile market, we were able to hand over the project under budget and to the quality specifications required by the client,” Anderson says.

Design work started in April 2007 with site establishment in October 2007 and the project was completed and commissioned in October 2008.