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Implats underlines difficulties in Zimbabwe

A smelter pour
at Zimplats’ Selous
metallurgical complex
in Zimbabwe
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 30 June 2008 – Leading international platinum producer Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) has given the assurance that it will do its best to make a success of its Zimbabwe operations, despite the increasingly difficult situation in that country.

In a news release issued here Implats described itself as “a company that is committed to the highest corporate governance standards regardless of where our operations are conducted.”

The release continued: “It is well known that the current position in Zimbabwe is creating a difficult operating environment. However, our operations in this country continue to operate well in extremely trying conditions. In addition, the weakening economy has reduced our options of supporting local suppliers, as well as having a damaging impact on the country’s infrastructure,” it added.

“We have in the past stated that an improvement in the socio-economic arena would facilitate a more stable investment climate and result in significant investment in developing the resources under our control with the resulting prospect of large scale employment,” said Implats.

“Shareholders are warned of the risks associated with our investments in Zimbabwe, but can be assured that Implats remains willing to be part of any solution that could possibly lead to an improvement of the socio-economic environment,” the release concluded.