The Southern African Coal Processing Society (SACP) announced winners of its annual awards at a dinner and ceremony on May 16 2014.

Kevin Mc Millan was awarded for his contribution to the Society’s work in their efforts to promote and educate the coal processing industry. Kevin is a past chairman of the Society and the Manager of Metallurgy at Anglo American Coal Division.

The Society’s CTC Student of the Year is Hendrik Nortje’ is the CTC’S Student of the Year for achieving exceptional results for his courses. His final distinction pass mark was 86%. He is currently employed Ukufisa Coal, specialists of Coal Beneficiation The University award went to Angelique du Randt for her final year project, which was Water Drainage from a Coal Stockpile.  She simulated water drainage through a stockpile using a small scale drainage pipe in the laboratory.

It was possible from her work to determine the relative drainage rate for coals of different PDS’S. She also correlated the drainage rates obtained in the pipe with those determined in independent tests on a large 15 ton stockpile and pointed out the differences and similarities. Additionally, it was shown that fines of less than 300 micron were prone to transport through the stockpile.

Her work served as the precursor to a current Coaltech sponsored master’s project involving other universities and organisations as well. Her results have contributed to the fact that the University now has two masters and three final year students on continuation studies.

Angelique is currently employed by Eskom at Hendrina Power Station.

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