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Integrated Pump Technology has the know how!

Integrated Pump Technology was established as the official southern Africa distributor for the well-respected Grindex range of electrical submersible pump.

Today the company has grown its offering to include Italian manufactured Faggiolati pumps.

Both are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands with established global footprints.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 8 2018

It is not, however, sufficient to be able to offer market leading pump products in this highly competitive sector says Colin Adams, MD of Integrated Pump Technology.

“Pump companies need to understand the application of product into the harsh operating conditions in southern African and this applies particularly to the mining environment,” he says.

The company was started four years ago after identifying the need for a business that would be able to supply quality OEM pumps underpinned by the agility to react responsively to customer needs.

Adams says it is this operating philosophy that has seen the company grow its market share significantly.

“Electra Mining Africa will provide an ideal platform to showcase our product offering and allow us to interact with existing and potential customers,” Adams says.

The primary advantage of the Grindex dewatering range is the ability of the sub-18 kW range to run dry, without supervision and that these pumps can be installed without a control panel.

This is facilitated by a unique air valve integrated into the pump which allows the impeller to pass air instead of water past the motor in a dry run or snore condition and the patented Smart motor protector which affords thermal overload, phase loss and phase rotation protection.

The Smart and all associated electrical switchgear is installed inside the pump itself, effectively negating the need for a control panel.

Associated with the dewatering range is the Grindex sludge range, which has all the advantages of the dewatering range coupled with a recessed vortex impeller and a split hydraulic with replaceable rubber linings.

This makes the sludge units capable of greater solids handling with increased abrasion resistance.

The units are light, easily manoeuvrable and highly robust, making them suitable for underground face dewatering.

The Grindex dewatering and sludge pumps are also available in full 316 stainless steel builds and with a capacity of handling pH values between 2 and 13, they are ideal for process applications.

All the design features of both ranges are present in the stainless steel Inox series.

The current Grindex dewatering pumps range, in sizes from 0.5 kW to 90 kW, is currently being extended with the addition of a 145 kW pump.

This unit is undergoing field trials and testing and will be launched to the market in due course.

Grindex slurry pumps have been engineered for maximum endurance and reliability and includes sizes from 3 kW to 70 kW.

These robust workhorses are designed for use in quarries and mines and are equipped with an agitator below the pump intake that stirs settled material up towards the pump’s intake.

Also included in the product offering from Integrated Pump Technology is the range of Faggiolati stainless steel pumps which are ideal for pumping in highly corrosive applications in the mining industry.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, the Faggiolati pump is engineered to operate in the toughest applications dealing with the handling of corrosive water and sludges.

Examples of the Grindex and Faggiolati pumps will be on display on the Integrated Pump Technology stand and the technical team will be on hand to discuss the features and benefits. The stand is P73.

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