FurnaceThe South African Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has issued a court order to suspend all operations at the two ferrochrome furnaces and pelletiser plant owned by International Ferro Metals.

The issuance of a Section 54 notice under the Mine Health & Safety Act was made following an incident involving two miners exposed to Carbon Monoxide gas on Wednesday, 19th November.

Although the employees have made a full recovery, the strict company procedures were not adhered to and the employees did not evacuate the premises in a timely manner. The incident was reported to the DMR and the suspension was issued immediately.

Management and the DMR engaged immediately to rectify the situation through immediate training of all employees and the suspension was lifted on Friday, 21st November as a settlement agreement was found. Production commenced and the employees were back at work.

However the agreement was withdrawn by the DMR on Saturday morning suggesting that certain requirements had not been met. Management believes it has complied with all the settlement agreements.

The matter goes to court today at 14.00 local time.