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Iskraemeco: system solutions for competitive energy markets

Iskraemeco, manufacturers of energy measurement and management devices for the energy sector, has been involved with AMR systems for industry for more than 20 years. In the past few years Iskramatic SEP has been significantly adapted to meet the new requirements of modern deregulated utilities and other entities born in a deregulation environment. Iskramatic SEP has been successfully implemented in the most advanced European deregulated markets. In September 2003, an upgraded version enabling data acquisition via Internet will become available.

The Iskramatic SEP provides key information for all the organisations involved in deregulated markets – accurate AMR for billing for an energy provider, failure diagnostic and device logbook for a meter service provider, load analysis, voltage monitoring for a distribution system operator, and Internet access to private data used for monthly forecasting of energy consumption for an energy consumer. The call-back facility (SMS) offers on-line information about anomalies in the system.

Iskramatic SEP consists of measurement devices (electricity, gas or water meters), communication/data concentration devices (communicators, concentrators or data loggers), and public or dedicated communication channels (PSTN, ISDN, GSM telephony) or HHU.


MS Windows based SEP2W software represents the heart of the system. It is user-friendly, modular structured and includes state-of-the-art information technology.

The POREG2 View and Meter View modules are designed for setting parameters for the data loggers, communication devices and meters. Parameter setting can be performed at the site or remotely from the central station via communication channels.

SEP2 Collect performs both manual and automatic collection of measuring results. Sep2 DbManager enables creation of the structures for data storage on different types of database. The Sep2 Report module is used for the creation of reports for display, billing, energy consumption management and control and prognoses purposes, among others. The Sep2 Report.NET module provides various dedicated formats and selected contents of metering data to end consumers on the Internet, using new .NET technology.

The system capacity is scalable and easily configurable. It can be optimised for a wide range of AMR users, from small communities to large utilities.