Flygt HS 5570

Four of the Flygt HS 5570 submersible
dewatering pumps ready for dispatch

A leading South African operator in the submersible liquids-handling industry is to supply a total of ten pumps to the US$762 million (R5.3 billion) Lumwana copper project’s tailings system in north-western Zambia.

ITT Flygt is actively involved in the fields of flood control and tunnel construction, and its pumps are widely used in mining and industrial processes. The company worked with Tri-Pump & Engineering of Zambia to ensure that the primary focus of durability and optimum performance under extreme operating conditions would be met for this pump installation.

The overall scope of the project was the design and construction of a copper concentrator and associated on-site and off-site infrastructure, water and waste management systems, dams and diversion channels to divert water around the tailings storage facility and associated facilities.

“The design of the wet end, which is made from high chrome, is considered most suitable in the harsh abrasive tailings application at this copper mine,” says ITT Flygt internal sales manager Glen Labuschagne. “Our pumps are supplied with an integral electric motor engineered for high efficiency, which means that overall owning and operating costs are reduced.”

In terms of the Lumwana contract, pumps were selected according to the appropriate head and flow capacities of this particular application. Two BS 2125 submersible dewatering pumps (8 kW) will be installed in the tailings storage facility in the under drainage collection sump section.

Five HS 5570 submersible dewatering pumps (170 kW) will return water from the tailings storage facility to the process plant. And three HS 5570 submersible pumps (125 kW) will harvest raw water from a river water dam for use in the process plant.

The Flygt 5570 range of pumps has been engineered specifically for slurry pumping applications. It features a 28% high chrome replaceable liner and impeller, which has the durability required for this application.