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K’enyuka gaining strong foothold in consulting engineering arena

Level 3 broad-based black economic empowered K’Enyuka is one of the fastest growing medium sized hydro-pyrometallurgical and mineral processing engineering and project management companies in South Africa. It is linked to well established consulting engineering company Read, Swatman & Voigt (RSV).


A coal plant K’Enyuka
is currently completing

Established only three years ago, the company offers the industry a comprehensive spectrum of engineering solutions. In the early days, approximately 60% of K’Enyuka’s revenue stream was generated through platinum contracts, with ferroalloy projects contributing 30% to the business, and base metals and heavy minerals the remaining 10%. However, the latest trends see a move towards coal mining as the major contributor to K’Enyuka’s core commodity service offering.

In the short time since its formation, K’Enyuka has, through its adherence to specific key principles such as stringent safety, quality, health and environmental parameters and its core No Harm policy, established itself as a supplier of choice, resulting in the company achieving repeat business from satisfied clients. Coupled with this, the company also applies strong standards in both its design and engineering principles to ensure complete best practice adherence.

The company’s expertise has until recently covered project and construction management in two areas: EPCM (engineering, procurement and construction management) and LSTK (lump sum turnkey).

An alliance with Ingwenya Mineral Processing will now allow K’Enyuka to aggressively enter the contract processing market. By extending the company’s capability it can provide its current and potential client base with a vastly enhanced service offering from small stay-in-business projects to feasibility studies, EPCM projects, turnkey projects and now plant operations on a contract basis.

Essentially, this contract mineral processing capability means that K’Enyuka will manage the entire process on behalf of the client, with the full responsibility for operations and maintenance.

Engineering disciplines offered by K’Enyuka include metallurgical engineering in hydro-pyrometallurgical and mineral processing; mechanical engineering in piping and materials handling sectors; civil and structural engineering and electrical and instrumentation engineering.

As part of its portfolio the company can provide feasibility studies and project reviews with respect to conceptual studies; pre-feasibility, feasibility and bankable feasibility studies and third party reviews.


Impala TSP project

K’Enyuka’s main resource is the major intellectual property represented by its highly qualified people across a spectrum of disciplines, including process, mechanical, civil and structural engineering, combined with its strong project services capability.

The company employs a team of engineers which has been involved in some of the largest heavy mineral concentration plants in the world. It also has a specific expertise base in the flotation and pyrometallurgical environments in platinum and copper plants. Of the staff complement two thirds perform technical roles and the remainder focus on project support.

An active mentoring programme is in place to equip new engineers with the same skills and outlook as the company’s more experienced staff, bringing a cohesive mix of old school stability combined with fresh, new ideas.

While the company’s strength lies in platinum, gold, uranium, coal, copper and heavy minerals, in terms of the process side of the mining sector the future focus will be on turnkey projects.

Recognising that projects must be sustainable, K’Enyuka will concentrate on design-and-build projects that focus particularly on the specific needs of Africa. Project support in the form of document control, estimating, procurement, cost control and planning take the hassle factor out of the project equation for customers.

K’Enyuka has introduced the distinct benefits of modular plants to achieve cost savings for its clients within the medium to small mining sector on a turnkey project basis.

Modular plants offer a number of significant advantages for clients including that the structural design of the plant lends itself to easy disassembly and reassembly on different sites.


Impala flash dryer

K’Enyuka has offices in South Africa at its home office in Marshalltown, Johannesburg and a regional office in Rustenburg, which was established in late 2008. The branch facility in Rustenburg accommodates projects on the Bushveld Complex’s Western Limb.

Future plans include becoming more involved in both brownfields and greenfields coal projects with the projected contribution from this sector being estimated at 20% of total derived business income.

In addition to its extensive client base in South Africa, K’Enyuka has also been involved in project management contracts in Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique and Namibia.

The company is currently expanding its base to other countries in the SADC region and is actively pursuing opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.