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Kenmare Resources’ Moma mine sends SA workforce home

Kenmare Resources' Moma minerals sands project in Mozambique
Kenmare Resources’ Moma minerals sands project in Mozambique

Mozambique – Kenmare Resources, the minerals sands mining company focused on its Moma project in Mozambique, has temporarily repatriated the South African members of its workforce at the mine.

This is a precautionary measure, due to unrest regarding foreign workers in South Africa which has recently created reciprocal unrest concerning South Africans working in Mozambique. Out of a total workforce of 1 391 at the Moma mine, some 62 people are South African.

The Governments of Mozambique and South Africa are working to settle the unrest, with no suggestion that these workers will not be allowed to return. The company expects the operation to continue without significant disruption if the situation can be resolved in the near future.

Kenmare will provide further updates as the situation develops.

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