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Komatsu’s 280t Hauler offers latest technology

Komatsu PC1

Komatsu’s new 860E-1 rigid frame truck is the latest addition to its line of electric-drive, mining class haulers. Scheduled for limited release in 2009 followed by full-scale production in 2010, the truck is designed for a nominal payload of 254 metric tonnes (280 short tons), and is available with an optional factory installed trolley-assist system.

The 860E is powered by a 2,014 kW (2,700 hp), 16 –cylinder, two stage turbocharged Komatsu SSD16V160 diesel engine that is EPA Tier 2 certified.

According to the company, the 860E is the first of its trucks to employ a Komatsu designed drive system with the latest Siemens AC power controls, allowing the 860E to operate with smooth application of torque and traction while achieving a maximum speed of 64.5 km/h (40 mph). The trolley-assist system, which can be used on either 1,600 or 1,800-volt lines, enables the 860E to climb steep grades at an efficient speed while maintaining low engine rpm, thus saving fuel and prolonging engine life.

Komatsu PC3

The truck features an ultra quiet dynamic retarding system, which achieves a 10 dB reduction in sound levels rated at 3,469 kW (4,650 hp). The retarding system is complimented by four wheel wet-disc brakes. Komatsu claims this setup, with traction control technology, provides excellent braking force even with difficult road conditions. Komatsu says the truck has separate cooling systems for the engine and electronics, and has installed standard anti-rollback capability for improved control on steep grades. Hydraulic and electrical line routing has also been improved.

The 860E also offers a larger, isolation mounted ROPS/ FOPS certified cab fitted with a five-position adjustable air ride seat as well as a full-size passenger seat. The integrated electronic dash display provides a standard suite of instrument gauges as well as payload data.

Komatsu PC2

The Komatsu PC8000 is loading ground
onto the Komatsu 860E truck

When fitted with a standard body, the struck truck load capacity is rated at 122 m³ (160 yd3) and its 2:1 heaped capacity is 168 m³ (221 yd3). Loading height is 6.37 m (20 ft 11 in).

The 860E has a Komatsu drive system with Siemens controls. The 960E uses a GE drive system, which was specifically developed for the demands of the mining industry. The new liquid cooled drive systems have been designed to withstand a higher vibration and altitude spectrum and offer a temperature spectrum from -40O to 60OC.