New Kumba
chairman Fani Titi
London, England — 13 August 2012 – The board of directors of Kumba has announced the appointment of Fani Titi as the company’s non-executive chairman with effect from 1 October 2012.

In a statement issued here, the company said that Titi would take over the chairmanship of Kumba from Allen Morgan who has served as the interim chairman since 15 December 2010. Morgan will retain his position as the senior lead independent director of the board of Kumba.

Titi is a non-executive chairman of Investec Bank Limited, and joint chairman of Investec plc and Investec Limited. He is a non-executive director of a number of companies associated with the Investec group, and is also a non-executive director of MTN Group Limited. He was previously non-executive chairman of AECI Limited and deputy chairman of the Bidvest Group Limited.

Last month, Kumba announced the appointment of Norman Mbazima as the company’s new CEO, effective 1 September 2012, following the appointment of Chris Griffith as CEO of Anglo American Platinum Limited.

Source: Anglo American plc. For more information, click here.