Leading local and international suppliers to the industrial and mining sectors will gain valuable exposure to the Southern African mining market at Electra Mining Botswana 2013. Exhibitors at the show will have the opportunity to network with key decision-makers from Botswana’s growing industrial and mining sectors, position their company brand, grow their client base, and launch new products and services directly to their target market.

Botswana’s thriving mining and industrial sectors makes it the natural choice for the expansion of Electra Mining Africa following many successful years in South Africa as the largest mining, industrial, power and construction exhibition in Africa.

“We’re proud to announce that the Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources has endorsed Electra Mining Botswana,” says Gary Corin, Managing Director of Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, organisers of the show. “The Ministry recommends stakeholders to support the show as it is believed the initiative will help diversify Botswana’s mining portfolio.”

“But its focus is not only mining,” says Corin. “Based on the successful model of Electra Mining Africa, the Botswana exhibition embraces mining, industrial, power generation and construction which cover a much broader footprint drawing in many stakeholders from the various sectors.”

“There’s also the attraction of the exhibition being located at the Gaborone Fair Grounds in Gaborone – the power hub of Botswana. This enables easy access for Botswana visitors, as well as those from South Africa and other surrounding African countries,” says Corin.

Mining industry tools supplier Vermont Sales will be at Electra Mining Botswana.  “Vermont Sales is looking to gain market share in the Botswana mining sector and sees EMA Botswana as an opportunity to gain exposure in the market,” says Vermont Sales Barry Irvine. The company will be exhibiting its product line ranging from precision measuring equipment to evolutionary on/off magnets at Electra Mining Botswana this year. The company will also have industry experts on its stand during the show to interact with visitors.

“As an electrical engineering contracting, automation and service company, we aim to increase awareness of our brand, products and services in the mining sector,” says Zismo Engineering’s Senzile Mosinyi. Zismo is the distributor of WEG products in Botswana and will be exhibiting alongside the Zest Weg Group at Electra Mining Botswana to showcase its range of WEG and other products to the Botswana mining industry. “Technical teams from both Zismo and WEG will be available to present potential clients with technical solutions and showcase our technical expertise in the field,” says Senzile.

“Tubestone Tyres is hoping to grow awareness of its products in the Botswana market as well as inform clients of its local distribution base to service them in Botswana,” says Tubestone Botswana Branch manager Ado Van Rensburg. “We look forward to interacting with visitors from the mines in Botswana as well as mining contractors at the show, educating them on our range of open cast and underground mining tyres. Staff from the company’s Botswana branch, as well as from South Africa, will be at the show to demonstrate the product range,” says Van Rensburg.

Other exhibitors at Electra Mining Botswana include manufacturer of padlocks and portable security products, Master Lock. The company will be exhibiting its large commercial product line for usage in safety lockout and high security applications. Master Lock’s Lockout and Tagout devices prevent thousands of accidents that could occur during servicing and repairing of equipment, offering the employer complete peace of mind in the knowledge that their investment in staff, equipment and time is secure. The company’s range of Lockout and Tagout devices includes various padlocks; lockout hasps to suit all types of locking situations; electrical lockout devices for circuit breakers, plugs and switches; ball and gate valve lockout devices; pneumatic lockout devices; lockout cables, lock boxes and lockout stations.

Schopf Maschinenbau designs, manufactures and sells equipment for the underground mining and tunnelling markets and will have a range of products on display at Electra Mining Botswana this year. The company’s mining vehicle product range includes underground loaders from 3,5t to 18t payload suitable for all materials, together with dump trucks and utilities supplied in collaboration with an international partner. Schopf exports to over 160 countries and now hopes to make inroads into the Southern African market. Machines on display at the show will include the Schopf  SFL 35 – 3,5 ton payload, 1,5 m³ standard bucket, ideal for narrow vein mining and tunnelling projects; the Schopf  SFL 60 XLP – 6 ton payload, for low seam  hard rock mines, Z-linkage, 2,7 m³ standard bucket; the Schopf  SFL 65 – 6,5 ton payload, 3,5 m³ standard bucket, ideal for tunnelling projects; the Schopf  SFL 100  –powerful midsize production loader, 10 ton payload and 5,0 m³ standard bucket, Z-linkage; the Schopf  SFL 120 – a compact 12 ton Underground Loader, 6 m³ bucket, Z-linkage; the Schopf SFL 140 – the work horse in the 14 ton class,  7 m³ bucket, Z-linkage; and the Schopf SFL 150 and SFL 180 – 15 ton and 18 ton tramming capacities.

The exhibitor profile will include mining and related products, industrial engineering and manufacturing, general engineering and manufacturing, electrical engineering and power generation, materials handling, safety, health and environment, and construction. The show will also feature exciting free-to-attend seminars that will provide a wealth of information and interactive discussion.

“Electra Mining Botswana will play a vital role in growing Botswana’s already thriving mining and industrial economy bringing related industries together at one location for visitor and exhibitor convenience,” concludes Corin.

Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is recognised internationally as an organiser of innovative, inspiring and highly effective exhibitions and offers a fully comprehensive on-site exhibitor service, taking care of all logistical requirements.

In addition to the Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Electra Mining Botswana has the support of the most respected associations and institutions in the local mining sector including local Botswana industry bodies.

Electra Mining Botswana takes place at the Gabarone Fair Grounds from 3-5 September. Contact Veda Koekemoer, Charmainne Wood or John Sterley to find out more on +27 (0) 11 835 1565 or email: veda@specialised.com or cwood@specialised.com or johns@specialised.com