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Leaky feeder system

Becker feeder

The Becker new generation leaky
feeder system is designed for safer
and more effective underground

The new generation Becker Electronics leaky feeder system, which is designed and manufactured in South Africa for safer and more effective underground communications, has recently been awarded IECEx certification.

“This IECEx certificate of conformity verifies that the new Becker Electronics VHF and UHF bi-directional amplifiers meet international standards listed in the certificate and are able to function safely and effectively in explosive atmospheres,” Albert Bower, managing director of Becker Electronics, part of the Becker group of companies, says. “This certification also confirms that the Becker Electronics manufacturing site in Gauteng has been audited to verify that the company’s quality system meets stringent IECEx requirements.”

This new leaky feeder system, with a modular design, features remote diagnostics and cable length compensation to ensure every installation and subsequent maintenance procedures are safe and effortless. Interchangeable filters enable the Becker amplifier to be upgraded at any time from VHF, to UHF, to GSM.

The Becker bidirectional amplifier amplifies signals in both the up and down link directions, with helical filters to separate the up and down link frequencies. An important advantage is the high power amplifier option for coverage in remote work areas.

Applications for the Becker leaky feeder system include mine wide voice communication networks, medium speed mobile data, local and portable video monitoring, as well as distributed control and monitoring networks. This system is also designed for wide area antenna coverage.

The Becker Electronics UHF leaky feeder communications systems can be integrated to a Wi-Fi network for underground usage. This allows for high speed data communication within the distributed hotspots.