Optimac, a BEE empowered New Concept Mining (NCM) group company, is launching HaloLite, a new cap lamp that is set to improve the working conditions for miners.

lighting technology

The new HaloLite cap lamp.

Richard Dalbock, MD of Optimac says, “HaloLite is far lighter and less cumbersome. The battery cable will no longer be in danger of getting caught in chairlifts or machinery.”

The HaloLite had successful pretrials at a major platinum mine and also underwent more rigorous trials conducted under humid and corrosive extremes within the gold mining region on the West Rand.

The HaloLite cap lamp has a number of advantages over the existing filament-type cap lamps. The main benefits of the new lamp are the reduction in mass of the battery as well as dramatically improved reliability with a lamp life that will last some 80 times longer than the existing filament lamps. The technology extends to a high-tech battery that has been adapted to fit onto the existing hard hat. The New Halo Cap Lamp battery is 1/8th of the weight of the existing lead acid battery, which means less worker fatigue. It also includes a secondary LED light source for emergency situations that can last in excess of 195 hours.