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Lobito Corridor to be revived

The Angolan port of
Lobito “’ export hub for
the Lobito Corridor
Luanda, Angola — 20 February 2013 – Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia have decided to put together a joint plan for the repair, maintenance and operation of the Lobito Corridor railroad “’ a development which could be of great benefit to the mining industries of all three Southern African countries.

The Lobito Corridor railroad includes the Benguela railroad (CFB) in Anmgola, Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Congo (SNCC) in the DRC, and Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) in Zambia, and Macauhub News Agency reports that the joint plan is intended to provide a shorter and more efficient railway route from the Angolan port to the DRC and Zambian copper belt.

The transport ministers of the three countries, Augusto Tomás (Angola), Justin Mwana Ngongo (DRC) and Yaluma Christopher Bwalya (Zambia), agreed to outline the concession and development of the Jimbe, Luau and Dilolo sections as interconnected border posts, as a way of improving efficiency.

These decisions are intended to create a railway network that will allow people and goods to be carried between the three countries, as well as to promote multi-modal international transport.
Angolan transport minister, Augusto Tomás said that the Angolan government planned to spend US$1.247 billion on its programme of rehabilitation of the port of Lobito.

According to Tomás, the investment will focus on four areas of national and international traffic: minerals, container cargo, solid bulk cargo and fuel.

“This investment will make the port of Lobito more competitive, provide it with greater capacity and safety, as well as making it a more active player in the internationalisation of Angolan companies and the Angolan economy,” the minister added.

Source: Macauhub News Agency. For more information, click here.