Luanshya copper mine
in Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 05 January 2009 – THE China Non-Ferrous Metal Company’s Luanshya copper mine (CLM) management is optimistic that it will meet the company’s anticipated production target of more than 1 000 tonnes of copper ore per day this year.

Company public relations officer, Sydney Chileya said in an interview here with The Times of Zambia that all was set to ensure that the production target of 1 000 tonnes of copper ore a day was met throughout this year.
He added that from the time the mine had officially commissioned its resumption of production last month, the stock piling process had continued as planned

“From the look of things all the stages of the mining process, which include the crushing and the milling of the copper ore, will be done with little difficulty because the mine owners have invested in modern equipment which has replaced the old mining technology,” Chileya said.

The mine owners had indicated that they would this year make an additional fresh investment of more than USS$150 million in the CLM infrastructure rehabilitation programme.

And CLM deputy CEO Goa Xiang said Baluba Mine was set to start producing 1 000 tonnes of copper a month “’ approximately 11,000 tonnes a year “’before increasing to 2 000 tonnes a month. Goa added that the company was aiming at increasing production levels to 5 000 tonnes a month, totalling 60 000 tonnes per annum, after 2011.

Luanshya Copper Mine, which officially commissioned the resumption of production last month, was closed early last year and placed on care and maintenance after global commodity prices fell on the international market. The then mine owners Enya Holdings said they were not ready to continue with copper production after the mine’s operations were adversely affected by the global economic meltdown.