The 404.2 carat Type IIa D-colour gem recovered from Lucapa Diamond's Lulo mine in Angola

Lucapa Diamond Company, the ASX-listed diamond company; Endiama E.P, Angola’s national diamond company have announced the recovery of a “spectular” 404.2 carat diamond from the Lulo diamond project in Angola.

The diamond has been confirmed a Type IIa D-colour gem and is the biggest recorded diamond ever found in Angola.

It is also the 27th biggest recorded diamond in the world and the fourth 100+ carat recovered from Lulo to date.

The 404.2 carat diamond was recovered from alluvial mining block 8 at Lulo, which has already produced more than 60 large special diamonds since mining sommenced in the area in August 2015.

The previous largest diamond recovered weighed 133.4 carats.

The Lulo project is a partnership with Endiama and private local partner Rosas & Pétalas. Lucapa is the operator of the Lulo project and has a 40% interest in the operations. Endiama has a 30% interest while Rosas & Pétalas holds 28%.

Alluvial mining operations commenced at Lulo in 2015 following the awarding of t a mining licence in November 2014.

The mine is located within 150 km of Alrosa-operated Catoca, which is the world’s fourth biggest diamond mine and accounts for about 75% of Angola’s annual diamond production.

The previous record for Angola’s largest diamond was known as the Angola Star – a 217.4 carat gem recovered by the Luarica mine in 2007.

“We are delighted to have recovered the biggest diamond ever found in Angola, it is a significant day for our country, our diamond industry and for the Lulo diamond project,” says Endiama chairman Antonio Carlow Sumbula.

“We have always emphasised the special nature of the Lulo diamond field and this recovery – together with the other 100 carat-plus diamonds recovered this year alone – is further evidence of that,” continues Lucapa chief executive Stephen Wetherall.

“And while we continue mining these exceptional alluvial gems from mining blocks 6 and 8, we are also continuing to advance our systematic exploration programme to find the kimberlite source of these diamonds.”

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