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MDM awarded pre-feasibility contract in Mozambique

CAMEC drilling team
in action in
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 13 August 2009 – MDM Engineering Group Limited “’ a minerals process and project management group serving the mining industry “’ has been awarded the contract for the pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the Central African Mining & Exploration Company (CAMEC) Licence 871L coal project in Mozambique.

CAMEC is an AIM-listed mineral exploration company with a portfolio of coal exploration licences in Southern Africa.

Announcing the award of the contract here, MDM revealed that an initial assessment of the licence area had revealed that the project Licence 871L had world class’ potential. It added that CAMEC had initiated the PFS with a view to fast-tracking development of the project into production.

The scope of work for the PFS will see MDM providing the process plant and infrastructure design, as well as the related capital and operating cost estimates.  

The MDM engineering team has a 20-year track record of undertaking scoping and feasibility studies, including designing and constructing some 52 metallurgical plants throughout Africa.

MDM Engineering executive director George Bennett commented: “Our team has extensive experience in designing, building and commissioning the type of coal plants required by CAMEC. We look forward to working with CAMEC on fast-tracking this coal project.”