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This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 8 2018

1972– Electra Mining Africa was first held at the Milner Park Show Grounds, with 50 exhibitors using a total of 1 500 m

1984 – This year Electra Mining moved to NASREC (Johannesburg Expo Centre)

1996 – The late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela opened the show

2004 – By this year Electra Mining had grown tremendously with the net size of the show over 30 000 m2

2008 – By this year Electra Mining hit a visitor attendance of 41 000

2008-2012 – Between these years Electra Mining became one of the top 3 mining shows worldwide and was recognized as the biggest show in Africa

2014 – Electra Mining hit a major milestone and was known as the biggest show on record filling a space of 38 242 m2

2018  – This year Electra mining will host over 900 exhibitors with something extra for all visitors

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