Micromine technology

The mining industry is becoming a more digitally minded sector; with an emphasis on safety, longevity, efficiency and higher profitability driving the momentum to create digital mines.

This is becoming relevant to the industry as it becomes imperative that mines adopt technology to deliver on these business objectives.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 1, 2019

Software provider MICROMINE is looking to assist in achieving these goals through solutions that make mining easier for its clients, regional manager for Africa RENIER STRYDOM tells LAURA CORNISH.

While the global mining industry has been faster to adopt disruptive technologies to secure their long-term sustainability and improve their safety, African mines have been slower to adapt but this is likely to change on the back of incentives to enhance their performance and project delivery.

“Our focus is aimed at ensuring we provide quality software and services to assist our clients make more calculated decisions with regards to how they are mining.

Globally, MICROMINE has a wealth of knowledge enabling us to give sound advice and software to assist in becoming a more digitally focused operation with the aim of making mining easier for the miner,” Strydom outlines.

The company successfully delivers on this capability by providing best-of-breed software and expertise, for easy and secure collection, storage and utilisation of exploration and mining data so that key decisions can be made faster and with more confidence.

“This allows our clients to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase the overall profitability of their projects.”

Further to this, MICROMINE also focuses on improving its technology solutions to remain relevant in a technologically evolving world.

The company recently piloted a number of innovative projects focused on machine learning and automation.

This will see advancements in fleet management and mine control solution Pitram, including new functionality that incorporates machine learning and automation.

“By capturing certain data sources from for example a video camera attached to a piece of equipment, in this case an underground loader, MICROMINE has through research and development built a model which can analyse the loader’s performance and then determine how best to adjust the operating parameters of the loader to optimise its performance efficiency – without human interaction.”

Once introduced officially into the market in early 2019, this new Pitram functionality will look to consider all operating procedures connected to the loader – such as the most suitable machine, the best route to move between points, speed and time, load bucket volumes, number of loads, and a great number more specifics as well.

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