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Mining production and mineral sales improve

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PRETORIA, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 14 May 2010 – Total mining production in the first quarter of the year, and the value of mineral sales in the three months to 28 February 2010, both showed noticeable increases over their levels of a year ago.
The latest mining production figures released here by Statistics South Africa also showed that in March this year the index of total mining production was 11.0% higher than in March 2009. This was the third positive annual growth since December 2009 and the highest growth rate in six years.

The total mining production for the first quarter of 2010, after seasonal adjustment, increased by 4.0% compared with the fourth quarter of 2009. The main contributors to the 4% increase were diamonds (contributing 1.3 percentage points), coal and nickel (each contributing 0.9 of a percentage point) and other non-metallic minerals (contributing 0.7 of a percentage point).

The total seasonally adjusted value of mineral sales at current prices for the three months ended February 2010 reflected an increase of 12.5% over the previous three months. The increase of 12.5% (R7 144.2 million) was mainly due to increases in the sales value of PGMs (contributing 4.6 percentage points or R2 602. million), other non-metallic minerals (contributing 3.4 percentage points or R1934.6 million) and coal (contributing 3.1 percentage points or R1 787.0 million).

The actual estimated total value of mineral sales at current prices for the three months ended February 2010 increased by 6.3% compared with the three months ended February 2009. The major contributors to this increase were PGMs (contributing 7.5 percentage points or R4 193.5 million), other non-metallic minerals (contributing 2.4 percentage points or R1 327.9 million) and nickel (contributing 1.5 percentage points orR800.1 million).