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Moolmans – new year, new look, new path

2019 represents the start of a new chapter for Aveng Mining as it officially reintroduces itself to the market as Moolmans – the 68-year old mining brand with a long and distinguished history in the sector.

Synonymous with superior service delivery, this fresh identity will better enable the company to gear up for a period of significant growth over the coming years, Moolmans MD STUART WHITE tells LAURA CORNISH.

“Our name may be officially changing but our service offering in the contract mining and underground development fields remains the same and in-tact.

“It does however represent the start of a new ‘reset, reframe, reposition and restructure’ strategy designed to deliver a more focused and efficient business, operating within a decentralised model, and well positioned to implement a phased growth strategy (Vision 2025) over the coming seven years,” White explains.

“We acknowledge that the continuous evolution and name changes implemented over the last few years generated a lot of confusion within the industry and executing this rebrand, to encompass both open cut, shafts and underground businesses into one company with a single name will eliminate this uncertainty,” he continues.

Repositioning Moolmans forms part of a larger review conducted for the entire Aveng Group which is seeing the company dispose of non-core assets while retaining those that have the potential to deliver a financially prosperous future – and the new Moolmans forms a key component of this.

Moving forward, the name change and Vision 2025 strategy, which sets out achieving extended growth and sustained profitability, will be implemented from 2019 and will start with a re-branding roll-out exercise implemented in phases – from email addresses and marketing material to site signage and thereafter road-going vehicles and lastly the heavy mining equipment fleet.

“The strategy will also look at enhancing our employee engagement so that everyone at Moolmans is aligned to the vision, mission and purpose of the business and understand the role they play in achieving our objectives.”

Because 2019 also represents the start of the new growth phase – Moolmans will complement its re-identity process with organic growth through mining contract extensions and expansions which is “easy enough to manage as we embark on our new journey.”

The same process will apply to the underground business which may also benefit from organic growth. The company is currently sinking the main shaft for Ivanplats’ Platreef project on the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex (see the November 2018 front cover story for more information on this contract).

“The more significant phases of our growth plan will move into motion towards the tail end of our 2025 Vision which will look at aligning our business with the other core Aveng asset – global construction giant McConnell Dowell (although the businesses will retain their own identities and operating models).

McConnell Dowell offers the opportunity for Moolmans to explore new global territories and in doing so expand its operating footprint – significantly – and more specifically in Australia and South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore), although Africa remains a key target region for additional growth as well.

“This is our opportunity to build a company in which ‘the Moolmans way’ continues to be synonymous with best-in-class and contribute positively to the development of the countries in which we operate and a chance to improve the quality of life and bring economic benefit to all stakeholders, including employees,” White concludes.